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Wood Play Sets

Wood Playsets

Bayhorse offers a wide range of wood play sets from Quality Hillside and Patiova Play Sets.  Both Amish builders offer hand-crafted wood play sets of the finest quality.

Quality Hillside offers a sandbox boat, small, medium, and large sailing ships play sets, small, medium and large castles, a jeep, a monster truck, an airplane and a tractor and wagon.

Patiova Playsets offers traditional A-frame play sets along with models featuring climbing walls, platforms with tarps or wooden roofs, slide platforms and cabins.  Patiova also offer a wide range of Playset Options including a periscope, captain's wheel, steering wheel, binoculars, telescope, trapeze bars, ladders, fireman's poles, built-in picnic tables and a wide range of swings.


Wood PlaysetsWood Playsets