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Vinyl Sheds

Vinyl Sheds

Bayhorse offers a wide range of vinyl sheds. Mini Barns (Dutch roof) are simple, functional, affordable and attractive. Our standard 7' Cottages have a 5/12 A-frame roof and a very traditional appearance.

Dutch Barns have a classic barn appearance, Quakers have a traditional look with a taller front wall and deep front overhang and 7' Capes have a rakish 7/12 a-frame roofline.  Our Classic Cottages feature extra refinements that set them off from the standard models, including taller walls, larger windows, an 8" overhang, shutters and gable vents.  Dormer sheds have a distinctive roofline for a unique appearance.

Each storage shed is hand-crafted in the United States by expert Amish woodworkers and available with your choice of siding and trim colors.  Additional optional doors, windows, gable vents, ramps and storage lofts are available to meet your specific requirements.  Our Vinyl sheds are also available in a wide range of sizes from as small as 6 ' by 8' to as large as 14' by 48' and just about every size in between.  If you don't see the exact size you need, please contact us for a custom quote.

Please explore our Sheds Project Gallery to see some of the work we are most proud of!