Amish Garage Raising Videos

Amish Garage Raisings

Watch our first Amish "Garage-Raising" time-lapse video, filmed on-site at Bayhorse Gazebos & Barns in Red Hook, NY on the morning of February 5th, 2016. In the spirit of a traditional Amish barn-raising, a team from Sunrise Structures (Lancaster County, PA) completed two garages in two days. The building in this video, made up of two 24’ by 12’ components, was delivered ahead of time and placed on its site. Work to assemble the two-story, two-car Dutch-style garage started at about 8:30 am. It took our team of five craftsmen just three hours to raise the lower roof and gable-end walls, sheath, tar paper and shingle the upper roof, complete the siding, trim out the building and have a fully functional two story garage with stairs leading up to the second floor.

Our next video features our new two-car one-story build-on-site "Cape" garage, which uses a panelized system rather than pre-assembled sections. Two main advantages of using pre-built panels are that we have the flexibility to incorporate 8’ tall side walls and the components can be delivered to locations we could never reach with 10’ or 12’ wide pre-assembled structures. 

Starting with a bare stone pad on the afternoon of February 5th, over the course of about 11 hours our team of five craftsmen laid down an entire flooring system and then added walls, four insulated house windows, assembled and installed two garage doors, an entry door, rafters, sheathing, tar paper, black lifetime architectural roof shingles, flint vinyl siding and white trim. Imagine going from an empty spot on your property to a fully-functional two car garage with an impressive 7/12 roof pitch in about one and a half work days!

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